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Professional Dog Training in Austin & San Antonio, TX

About Total Dog! Training Solutions in Austin & San Antonio

Total Dog! Training Solutions is a team of professional dog trainers and specialists who make it our mission to create and implement training systems that are custom-fit to your dog, it’s needs, and the problems being experienced. Whether your dog is behaving aggressively, barking out of turn, pulling on leashes, having accidents, or having trouble with kennels, our dog trainers are able to help!

Scientifically Proven & Humane Methods

Our San Antonio & Austin dog trainers recognize the importance of connecting with your dog’s unique traits, so we empower our trainers to utilize a wide range of humane dog training methods and tools to best reach your pet where they are at. Our dog trainers care about the performance and obedience training of our clients’ dogs. We are willing to do what it takes to improve their behavior and take your relationship with them to the next level.

Total Dog! Training Solutions offers dog training in Austin, San Antonio, and many other areas of the Central Texas area. Whether you live in Austin, Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos, or anywhere in between, our experienced dog trainers will do what it takes to make your dog’s training a reality. Learn more by visiting our profiles on Facebook and Yelp.


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Dog Training Packages in Austin & San Antonio

Sit back and relax while our San Antonio & Austin dog trainers house your dog and work with them! We deal with aggression, leash-pulling, poor listening, and other problems on a regular basis. We’ll train your dog effectively and provide you the knowledge and tools you need to continue their progress. 

Once we determine your dog’s unique personality traits, we’ll create a custom dog training program geared to your dog and it’s learning style. We start with at-home lessons, then switch to real world scenarios when out and about. San Antonio & Austin dog training offering Unlimited Lessons with Guaranteed Results!

Allow our experienced San Antonio & Austin dog trainers to take your dog outdoors for an all-day outing with other dogs. While your dog spends time with other dogs, it’ll learn important social skills while having an absolute blast. Your dog deserves some time outside to have fun and be social!

Ready for Professional Dog

Obedience Training in San Antonio & Austin, TX?

Sit back and relax while our Austin & San Antonio dog trainers house your dog and work with them! We’ll train your dog effectively and provide you the knowledge and tools you need to continue their progress.



We encourage people to compare, as we ARE different!  Side by side analysis can show just how we are Austin’s premier dog training team!


We have dogs, and they are trained to not only live with us, but be a part of your dog’s training. We understand that you have your own job and life, so training may seem like something that can be difficult.  We show that while we are spending time training your dogs, we still incorporate the same principles in our own lives to make sure that we walk the walk and that you too can find the time to get the dog that you desire! Being the best dog trainers in Austin, TX is what we do!


We have a behaviorist on the team, specialists in aggression, Service Dogs, puppy development, executive protection, competition obedience, scent detection, herding, problem solving and more!  We can definitely help your pup reach it’s full potential with the breadth of knowledge at our disposal! For dog trainers in Austin, trust the experienced professionals at Total Dog!


Wow!  How can we do that?  Because we teach you how to effectively set goals and communicate with your dog.  Whether we are doing the training with a Board and Train option or we are remotely supporting you with a weekly program, we teach you what you need to know!  We help you with the tools, knowledge and confidence to be your best friend’s best friend! We stand by our status as the best dog trainers in Austin, TX with our lifetime guarantee.


We do offer a remote in-home program that is unlimited!  Some just need the six lesson program, others want Board and Train, but if you are someone that wants an unlimited program, ask us and we can tell you about that awesome option!


Some dogs do great in a classroom environment only to have it come apart when they get home.  We teach you how to proof your dog on Distance, Duration, Distraction and Location so that you know that your dog is obedient wherever your life takes you both!  We even do sessions in the real world as your needs dictate.


We are providing a Board and Train pick up option where we come to you to pick up and drop off your dog.  Let us worry about traffic and scheduling!

How It Works

Contact Us for Your Initial Consultation

Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment for your initial consultation. During this time, we’ll get to know your dog, their needs, and the problems that you’ve been experiencing with them. This assessment provides us with information we need to address your dog’s behavioral issues and determine which tools you’ll need to enable their progress. Additionally, it allows us to create a comprehensive San Antonio & Austin dog training plan for your pooch. 

Follow Our Custom Dog Training Plan

After the initial consultation, we’ll design a comprehensive training regimen for you and your dog to practice on a weekly basis. Our San Antonio & Austin dog training system creates the space for you and your dog to work through existing issues, with our assistance. We’re confident that our informed action plans will be effective in getting your dog’s attention and incentivizing positive behaviors.

Total Dog! Accomplished

After training your dog effectively and consistently, you and your pet will be able to enjoy a richer, more consistent relationship with one another. Feel confident bringing your dog around people, and other pets now that your dog has been trained by the San Antonio and Austin dog training experts at Total Dog!

Our San Antonio & Austin Dog Trainers

After training your dog effectively and consistently, you and your pet will be able to enjoy a richer, more consistent relationship with one another. Learn more about our dog trainers in Austin and San Antonio that share the same passion for dogs that you do. 

Brice Cavanaugh

Professional Dog Trainer

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Professional Dog Trainer

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Professional Dog Trainer

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Professional Dog Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do we meet for Private Lessons and how long is each session?

Typically, we meet once a week so that you have time to do the homework in between each session. We have found that twice a week ends up being “information overload” for either the dog or the human, and every other week tends to lose the accountability piece that we teach.

Each session is about 45-60 minutes depending on what we are working on. Your pup may be working that long, but there is a lot of information that we share while he/she rests!

At what age is it best to start training?

Right away! There are different stages of learning and maturity in the dog, but the bottom line is that while the dog is awake, it is learning. So, it is either learning what you want or don’t want them to know! Yes, we can teach old dogs new tricks, and little puppies are sponges for information. We work with them all!

Do you work with Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety, and behaviors that mimic it, have been common for a long time and have become increasingly prevalent since the onset of COVID-19. Yes, we work extensively on this! We are even working on a video series to help reinforce what we teach!

What do you charge for training?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to the cost of training, and it ultimately boils down to how much personalized time you want us involved in the training! Board and Train is where we do most of the work, so it would cost more than Private Lessons, however it is generally a quicker process. While we are not the least expensive trainers in the area, we certainly are not the most expensive as we believe in charging fairly for the quality of training that you and your dog receive. This is why we offer the free consultation to where we can meet you and your dog and discuss your individual needs and customize a plan for you!

What do I need to do to prepare for my dog to go into a Board and Train and where will he be staying?

We simply need your dog’s food, favorite toy, collar and a copy of current vaccinations. We handle the rest! And, your dog is staying in the home of one of our trainers!

Do you deal with aggression?

Yes, we actually specialize in that! We will offer a consultation to see the seriousness, to which there can sometimes be a cost differential based on the liabilities involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hire Total Dog!

If you want results, then hire Total Dog! And commit to the training.

Ellen T.

No one compares to Total Dog!

I have used four different trainers in the last couple of years, and NO ONE compares to Total Dog!

Mindy R.

Our dogs now listen

Our dogs now listen to each member of our family with enthusiasm.

Doug W.

Life Changing!

Brice literally changed our family dynamic by helping us properly learn to communicate with Mocha. She is so much happier, as are we. Thank you Brice!

The Harpers

Simple. Effective!

Breaking it down, Barney Style, with a big purple crayon!" Brice puts things into "bite size" chunks to help us get "wins" and keep us motivated on the path to our own Total Dog!

Chris T.

Now we enjoy life out and about.

My dog is no longer a source of frustration. I finally learned how dogs learn and how to communicate, and now we enjoy life out and about, no longer hiding at home!

Lisa C.

What a difference...

What a difference...these guys were able to help us make Dixie part of the family again. She went from wild crazy dog to a focused and happy family dog. Thank you!!

Alicia A.