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Total Dog! Aggressive Dog Training in Texas

Curb your dog’s aggression with a dog training program tailor-made for your dog


About Total Dog! Aggressive Dog Training

Our Total Dog! Aggressive Dog Training is designed to help curb your dog’s aggressive behaviors. First, by identifying what’s causing the aggression, and second, by teaching them new ways to cope, we’ll help your dog become less aggressive in just a few weeks. Paired with our passionate dog trainers and positive progressive approach, it’s the absolute best way to stop aggressive-behaviors for a friendlier, happier dog!

Aggressive Dog Training Benefits

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers love interacting with dogs and helping them succeed! We’ll work to progressively modify your dog’s bad behavior while preserving the extraordinary personality and instincts that make them who they are.

Custom-Made for Your Dog

At Total Dog! Training Solutions, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method. We understand that every dog is different, and we’re eager to adapt our training to the needs of your dog. We’ll dynamically adjust every training session to meet your dog where they are, to ensure they learn at a pace that’s comfortable for them.

Using Proven, Positive Methods

Punishing dogs for aggressive behavior frequently backfires—often escalating aggression, not diminishing it. That’s why we only use progressive behavior modification techniques designed to teach your dog new behaviors without intimidation. They’ll pick up skills and develop a love of learning at the same time!

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Training Options


With our One-on-One training package, your dog can spend up to one hour per week with one of our professional dog trainers—in the comfort of your own home! We’ll develop a custom training plan to teach your dog how to be less aggressive, and meet for as many weeks as they need to meet your goals for the program.

Board & Train

With Board & Train, your dog can enjoy an all-inclusive stay with one of our professional dog trainers for up to one month. During this time, our expert-trained dog trainers will work with your dog to progressively teach them new behaviors and skills at their own pace, so that they’re less-aggressive in usual and novel situations.

How It Works

Step #1 - Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation so we can discuss your dog's unique situation and assess their needs. From there, we'll develop a custom-made training program designed around your goals for the program and your dog’s learning style.

Step #2 - Sit Back & Relax

One of our professional dog trainers will regularly meet with your dog to teach them new ways to behave—both at home and on the go—while tailoring their training to their specific learning style, pace, and attitude.

Step #3 - Discover Your Dog’s Potential

After your dog completes their training, you’ll see marked improvements in their behavior. They’ll play nice, bark less, and stop growling, snapping, or biting. In fact, whether at home, at the park, or at the vet, you can expect your dog to remain generally well-behaved and friendly.

Want a dog that’s friendly in every way?

Train your dog with our Total Dog! Aggressive Dog Training package!


Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of aggressive behaviors can you stop?

The short answer is all of them.

Our trainers have literally seen it all when it comes to dogs’ behavioral issues, and are comfortable working to curb all types of aggressive behaviors with many different types of dogs.

Whether your dog’s aggression is territorial or protective, possessive or social, we can work with them to curb their aggression for good.

Are there breed restrictions?

No breed restrictions here.

Total Dog! is an all-inclusive dog trainer that specializes in private dog-training for all kinds of dogs—even so-called “dangerous or aggressive breeds.”

Is my dog too old for aggressive dog training?

Nope. While it’s easier to teach a young pup than an old dog, it’s not unfeasible.

At Total Dog!, we’re a truly all-inclusive dog training service. We can work with your dog no matter how old they are.

Is the training really unlimited?

Your dog can receive private dog training until they reach the goals identified at the start of the program. Following the program’s completion, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase additional training to help your dog reach new goals.

Where do you offer your aggressive dog training programs?

We provide our Total Dog! aggressive dog training in Austin and San Antonio, Texas so you should be able to have your dog trained if you live anywhere in the Central Texas area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hire Total Dog!

If you want results, then hire Total Dog! And commit to the training.

Ellen T.

No one compares to Total Dog!

I have used four different trainers in the last couple of years, and NO ONE compares to Total Dog!

Mindy R.

Our dogs now listen

Our dogs now listen to each member of our family with enthusiasm.

Doug W.

Life Changing!

Brice literally changed our family dynamic by helping us properly learn to communicate with Mocha. She is so much happier, as are we. Thank you Brice!

The Harpers

Simple. Effective!

Breaking it down, Barney Style, with a big purple crayon!" Brice puts things into "bite size" chunks to help us get "wins" and keep us motivated on the path to our own Total Dog!

Chris T.

Now we enjoy life out and about.

My dog is no longer a source of frustration. I finally learned how dogs learn and how to communicate, and now we enjoy life out and about, no longer hiding at home!

Lisa C.

What a difference...

What a difference...these guys were able to help us make Dixie part of the family again. She went from wild crazy dog to a focused and happy family dog. Thank you!!

Alicia A.

Ready for a well-behaved dog?