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Why Total Dog!?

At Total Dog!, we believe that every dog deserves a happy, healthy life. That’s why we offer custom training programs designed around your goals for your dog, and around your dogs’ needs, learning style, and pace. We’ll teach your dog how to follow commands, play with other dogs, and be the best selves, while showing you how to build a stronger relationship with your dog. Whether you’re looking for in home dog training in Austin or Austin board and train, you can count on our custom Austin dog training programs to unlock your dog’s full potential!

Have a problem dog? No problem! The Total Dog! team is made up of some of the best dog trainers in Austin, and have been selected for their wealth of experience working with dogs of various ages, temperaments, and breeds. We’ll develop a custom-made training program that addresses all of the issues you’re facing, and that teaches your dog new behaviors at their own pace. Paired with our personalized 1-on-1 coaching, limitless programs, and commitment to positive, humane-based training methods, it’s the most effective way to bring out the best in your dog, for life.

Stop these bad habits...

Jumping Up
Running Away
Nipping, Chewing, and Play biting
Toy and Food Possession
Leash Pulling
Excessive Barking
House Soiling
Separation Anxiety
Social Miscues
And More!
What are you waiting for?!

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Total Dog! Training Packages

basic dog training in austin

The Basics

Our basic training programs use positive behavioral modification techniques and evidence-based methods to teach your dog foundational skills and behaviors at their own pace, before they’re ready to move on to more advanced training.


Train your dog to obey basic commands in a comfortable and familiar setting
Stop common behaviors like biting, chewing, marking, and jumping up
Custom training tailored to your goals and your dog’s unique learning style
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advanced total dog dog training in austin

Total Dog!

Our private Total Dog! dog training programs are designed for dog owners who want to train their dog to be as well-behaved on the go as they are at home. We’ll teach your dog how to perform both basic and advanced commands with extreme off-leash reliability, both at home and out and about.


Train your dog to obey commands in dynamic, real world environments
Stop severe behaviors like extreme aggression, hyperactivity, or disobedience
Positive, progressive exposure to new skills and unfamiliar environments to minimize fear and facilitate learning
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Experience the Total Dog! Difference

Our staff is made up of some of the best dog trainers in Central Texas, if not the entire country. Not only are we experts in every facet of animal-science—from aggression and compliance to development and learning—but we live, breathe, and believe in what we do.
There’s a reason we offer a lifetime guarantee plan at Total Dog! Not only do we know how to effectively train and communicate with our clients’ dogs (and puppies), but we offer an unlimited lesson plan to ensure they retain what they’ve learned over time. Whether your puppy is a quick study or needs more time to pick up new skills, we’ll continue to work with you until they reach the goals set forth at the start of the program.
Want a dog that behaves as well on the go as they do at home? At Total Dog!, we train our dogs both inside and outside, in a variety of real-world environments, so you can be confident your dog will remain obedient wherever life takes you.
At Total Dog!, we come to you! We’ll pick up your dog at your home, and drop them after training. We’ll worry about traffic, scheduling, and logistics so you don’t have to.

5-Paw Reviews

stormi the dog
“It was the best investment I could make in our new puppy”

“We had just gotten our new puppy and were scheduled to be gone for 2 weeks when she was only 5 months old.  We had tried PetSmart for obedience 101 and just hadn’t seen the results I was hoping for.  My puppy, Stormi, is a small dog (10 pounds at that time), and the other dogs in our class were all large and she was super intimidated.  It didn’t make for a good set of lessons, at all!  Since I knew I would need boarding - it dawned on me to look into a board and train program.   That’s when I found Total Dog!   I called and set up a consult with Brice.  Within 20 minutes of us talking, he had slipped a lead around her neck and had her sitting, in the most perfect pose (see photo)!  He immediately put any anxiety I had at ease.  Fast forward to returning from vacation - we had opted for 4 weeks of the Board & Train program.  It was the best investment I could make in our new puppy.  She got to tour local coffee shops, a City Council meeting, and came away stealing hearts and perfectly behaved!!  And, to top it off, since her Board & Train program, Brice is just a phone call away and set up a private lesson and came out to work on any “hiccups” we may have encountered along the way.  And once this pandemic is over, we are looking forward to completing her Canine Good Citizen certificate.  I cannot say enough about Brice - his patience is amazing, both with my puppy and with me!  He listened to every thing I said and never made me feel rushed, or that any question was stupid.  Not only have I referred several friends to him, but will continue to bring all future dogs to him from here on out.

- Stormi’s Owner, Samantha
dog receiving a total dog diploma
We had three big goals and each goal was met before Millie graduated

had the best training with Luisa! millie lacks no energy 😅  and Luisa showed up every week determined to get Millie trained. We had three big goals and each goal was met before Millie graduated.  Luisa made it possible for me to push a baby stroller and walk millie on a leash (with no bouncing!!). we loved working with total dog training. will recommend to all of our friends that are dog people 🙂

- Millie's Owner, Lauren
dogs in the street
Highly recommend Total Dog it is worth every penny!

Moriah is simply amazing! I have 2 dogs a Cane Corso and a Beagle and within the FIRST SESSION they were completely new dogs! She covered all of my major concerns and worked on them weekly and taught me things that I didn't even know my dogs needed to work on. She made my dogs a priority and made them feel loved. I am now able to walk/shop/go out/ go to the park/ and even place them without worrying that they will run off or attack anyone. Highly recommend Total Dog it is worth every penny!

- Janelle, owner of a Cane Corso & Beagle

How It Works

Step 1

Schedule A Consultation

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your dog's needs and goals. From there, we'll work with you to develop a custom-made training program to make it happen.

Step 2

Watch & Learn

Watch as our professional dog trainers train your dog to adopt new behaviors and skills, while learning proven, effective ways to better engage and interact with your pet.

Step 3

Be Amazed By Your Dog’s Potential

After completing their training program, your dogs will show marked improvements in their skills and behavior. They’ll love learning, obey your commands, and stay well-behaved both inside and outside the home.

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Meet The Team

Brice Cavanaugh
Founder, Total Dog!
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Executive Assistant
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Professional Dog Trainer
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Professional Dog Trainer
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Professional Dog Trainer
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Professional Dog Trainer
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Dog Trainer
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Professional Dog Trainer

As an individual with a certification in dog training, 3 ½ years of experience in training, as well as being an A.K.C and C.G.C evaluator and C.C.P.D.T With a specialization in behavior modification I have a unique perspective on how puppies/dogs can and will be and go on to be in terms of being fulfilled and successful in multiple aspects of their lives. While not trying to reinvent the wheel, my way of training is rather unique in the way that the behavior of the puppies/dogs is shaped. Whilst using treats as a means for reward after successfully completing a command has been the traditional route for far longer than one can imagine, I have noticed that affection as a means for reward breeds long term fulfillment, and success for both the puppy/dog and owner, therefore, I have implemented this reward system in my way of training, negating the over-treating of a puppy/dog which in-turn negates the creation of separation anxiety and other bad habits that can and will develop from over-treating. By implementing affection as the means for reward, the puppy/dog understands that he or she will be rewarded with affection and they will execute any command more successfully.



Dog Trainer

I am an entrepreneur in the wellness industry, and as such, I see firsthand the impacts that dogs can have on their families…good and bad! My desire to help people find balance in their lives perfectly dove-tailed into the mission that Total Dog! has, so it was very easy for me to adopt the Total Dog! philosophies not only on my personal Great Pyrenees, but I was then inspired to learn how to bring this to anyone that I can!

I had studied many books and videos, and while there is amazing information readily available, there is also a lot of ineffective information out there as well. Having a single source to get to the truth is amazing!

My Pyrenees is now the “start of the “show” when I am at local Farmers’ Markets, and I can take her off leash wherever I am allowed, without the fear of her running off or getting into scuffles with other animals. We are experiencing true freedom! She is also certified as a Service Dog! Many know that Pyrs can be a bit stubborn, especially on recall, but she now checks in with me to make sure that she is still within the predetermined range that I have set for her.

I am so excited to help you find the same joy with your dog as I do with mine. My whole philosophy on life and wellness is about balance, and having an unruly dog can certainly throw things off! We are here to help!



Professional Dog Trainer

Starting with her family’s Cocker Spaniel at the local obedience club, Jillian began training when she was 11 years old. This prompted her to get her own dog when she was 13; a rescued Shetland Sheepdog named Missy. They trialed in AKC and the 4H club in agility, conformation, and obedience and eventually got into work as a therapy dog team. This was the root of Jillian's love for dog training.

Now active with her 3 Australian Shepherds, they compete in agility, conformation, obedience, rally obedience, scent work, and herding/stock. Together they have earned numerous titles in each of these venues and have competed at the National level. In 2019 Jillian and her dog Dosey Doe won the High in Trial award for Agility at the ASCA Nationals in Bakersfield, CA. While her personal dogs focus is on competitive sports, her professional work has been centered around general wellness and behaviors.

Jillian's background in professionally working with dogs includes an education as a Registered Veterinary Technician and managing her own grooming business. This has given her a unique perspective in more than just training. Jillian believes in looking at the whole dog to get the best results in their behavior, but also focuses on being a coach for the owners to know how to make desired changes stick.




Family always comes first. Especially my boys Christian (8) and Jovahnny (baby) and my little brother Adrian (9). I’ve always had a big heart for pets, especially dogs. Currently don’t have any pets due to just having a baby who doesn’t do too well with animals but we do plan to get one in the future. I am bilingual, I was born in Mexico but raised in Round Rock, TX. Love going to Mexico to visit my family and of course their delicious food. Excited for the opportunity to help dogs and their owners in Central Texas.



Professional Dog Trainer

Melinda’s passion for training began at 9 years of age with her family dog, Hershey. Since then, Melinda has enjoyed training her own dogs for fun in agility, skills, hunting, tricks, and service dog work. In 2017, Melinda medically retired from law enforcement and began a new journey where she could turn her passion for dogs into a career. Melinda attended Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage in 2020 where she earned her Canine Massage Therapy license. Since then, she has found a true passion for helping owners build the best relationship possible with their dogs. During her free time, Melinda trains and competes in dog sports and continues their never-ending journey of canine education.

Melinda has experience in:

  • Multi-dog household
  • Dog ownership with children in the household
  • Small, medium, and large breed dogs
  • Service dog training
  • Canine conditioning
  • Canine enrichment
  • Canine parkour
  • Trick training
  • Agility foundation and training
  • Shed hunting
  • Basic obedience training
  • Grooming
  • Reactive dog training and management

Melinda’s Certifications:

  • AKC CGC evaluator
  • Pet Guru College Canine Enrichment Counselor
  • Communication Skills for Pet Care Professionals
  • Canine CPR and first aid
  • Canine massage level 1: Therapeutic Massage
  • Canine massage level 2: Advanced Massage with Focus on the Canine Athlete
  • Canine massage level 3: Senior and Rehabilitative Dogs
  • Advanced Massage for the Canine Athlete


  • American Kennel Club’s Dog Athlete of the Month (January 2021)


Professional Dog Trainer

Cassandra started working with dogs as a young girl when her family decided to open a rescue right out of her home after losing their family dog to breed discrimination.

Always passionate about working with animals, she continued her rescue efforts throughout her life by volunteering in shelters and learning from experts in the field about the handling and training of dogs and cats. After several years of apprenticeships in dog training, working for dog training companies, and serving as the operations and training director of a large scale pit bull rescue for over four years, she joined the Total Dog Team. Today, her mission is to empower owners with the confidence to improve the relationship with their dogs through education, training, and behavior modification.



Executive Assistant

Haley has always had a love for animals and helping others. She currently has two dogs named Roscoe and Duke as well as two daughters Raynee and Emilia. She strives to continue growing in everything she does. As an administrator Haley enjoys making one on one connections with clients and providing the best information for their training needs. Haley enjoys spending time at the lake with friends and family. Today, her goal is to help as many clients as possible and to empower her team by being a positive role model.


Brice Cavanaugh

Founder, Total Dog!

Founder, Professional Dog Trainer & AKC Evaluator

SGT Brice Cavanaugh founded Total Dog! and is on the Board of Directors for the National Tactical Police Dog Association, Operation Overwatch and The Pink Berets. He is a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and is an Evaluator for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen multi-tiered program.

As an instructor in the tactical field, constant reading of journals and LE updates is a must. Brice’s unique perspectives come from decades of experience, from the tactical training and deployment of Military Working Dogs and Police Service Dogs to the instruction of deployment teams working in theater in some of the harshest conditions in the world.


  • Developed and implemented the Explosives Detection Canine Unit, Presidential Helicopter Squadron (HMX-One), Quantico VA and NAS Anacostia DC and served as founding Kennel Master.
  • Conducted overseas missions in multiple countries during tenure at HMX-One.
  • Conducted over 100 missions in direct support of the US Secret Service.  Protectees included five US Presidents, multiple First Ladies, King Hussein of Jordan, Fidel Castro, Butros Ghali, varying elements of the Dept of Defense command structure, Arnold Schwarzeneggar and many others.
  • Participated in the state funeral of Former President Richard M Nixon, April 2004.
  • Located improvised explosive device on Presidential support mission, 1995.
  • Provided support for the United Nations 50th Anniversary, at both event cities, San Francisco and New York, 1995.
  • Assisted in hunt for Theodore Kaczinski (the Unabomber) 1995.
  • Participated in the hunt for the DC Snipers, October 2002 (as Fairfax County Deputy).
  • Guest Speaker, International Association of Canine Professionals Annual Conference.
  • Completed eight years in the United States Marine Corps with Honorable Discharge, 1992-96, 1997-01.
  • POST Certified (CA) as a Canine Team Evaluator, 1995.
  • President, 40th Session of the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy, VA and completed same with 94.3% scholastic average, 2001-02.
  • Steward, United States Police Canine Association Detector Certification Trial, Region Three, March 2002.
  • Narcotic Detector Certified, USPCA, March 2001.  Placed 1st in Trial.
  • Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal May 2001.
  • Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal October 2000.
  • Hundreds of K9 demonstrations for various groups, from Scouts to Veterans, schools to corporations, parents to Congressmen.
  • Instrumental in the House Resolution that enabled retired Military Working Dogs to be adopted out after service.
  • Participated annually in the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots campaigns.
  • Assisted in the 24th Annual Marine Corps Marathon.
  • Certified as Naval Air Crew, UCB-12, October 1994, receiving Air Crew Wings that month.
  • Coordinated the 11th Annual Yuma Area Police K9 Trials, March 1998.
  • Developed and presented bomb threat awareness training for civilian staff of Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, CA 1995-96.
  • Bomb threat responses at installations, local community, hospitals and a Lollapalooza event.
  • Assisted local law enforcement in the recovery of weapons (used in local gang related shooting) as Marine MWD Handler.
  • Assisted in the 1996 Republican National Convention, San Diego CA.
  • Distinguished Honor Graduate, Military Police School, Ft McClellan AL 1993.
  • Instrumental in updating Canine Explosive Scent Kits (CESK) to modern standards.
  • Instrumental in developing off leash explosives detection protocols and influential in modern training and deployment of tactical K9s.
  • Member of Special Reaction Team (Sniper) Yuma AZ, helping to establish new Counter Sniper Unit, 1997-99.


  • High School, Forest Lake Academy, 1990
  • Marine Corps Boot Camp, 1992
  • Marine Combat Training, 1993
  • Military Police School, 1993
  • K9 Patrol Handler Course, 1993
  • K9 Detector Handler Course, 1994
  • K9 Supervisor/Trainer Course, 1994
  • UCB-12 Naval Air Crew, 1994
  • Explosives Drivers Course, 1994
  • Hazardous Materials Course, First Responder Awareness, 1995
  • K9 Team Evaluator, California POST Certification, 1995
  • Oleoresin Capsicum Exposure Training, 1995
  • Special Reaction Team Training, Phase One, 1998
  • Counter-drug Marksman Observer Course, 1998
  • Military Functions in Civil Disturbances, 1998
  • Sergeant Nonresident Program, 1998
  • Written Communication, 1998
  • Battle Skills, 1998
  • Weapons, 1998
  • Infantry Squad Leader Tactics, 1999
  • Infantry Patrolling, 1999
  • Terrorism Awareness, 1999
  • Principles of Instruction for the Marine NCO, 2000
  • Counseling for Marines, 2000
  • NHTSA Police Traffic RADAR, 2000
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety ACJIS Network Terminal Operator, 2000
  • High Risk Personnel Course (Pistol Specific), 2001
  • Deputy Sheriff’s Combined Basic School, 2002
  • Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy, 2002
  • Commonwealth of Virginia DCJS Law Enforcement Officer Certification, 2002
  • Alpha K9 School for the Hare Method of Detector Dog Training 2006
  • Tarheel Canine LE Tactical Building/High Risk Vehicle K9 Applications 2006

As an instructor in the tactical field, constant reading of journals and LE updates is a must.

Not listed are dozens of courses that cover everything from Counterterrorism Tactics to Radiological Scanning Devices.


  • First Place, Narcotics Detection, United States Police Canine Association (Region Three),
  • 2001 Detector Dog Trials.
  • Third Place Overall, First Place Team, USPCA (3) Iron Dog Competition, with a time of 17:48.
  • First Place, Explosives Detection, Orange County (CA) Trials, 1994.
  • Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal, October 2000.
  • Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal, May 2001.
  • Good Conduct Medal (Twice).
  • Joint Meritorious Unit Award (Twice).
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation (Three).
  • National Defense Medal (Twice).
  • Meritorious Mast (Twice)
  • Certificate of Commendation (Twice)
  • Letter of Appreciation (47)
  • “Distinguished Honor Graduate”, Military Police Academy, 1993

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age requirement?

No! Dogs of all ages are welcome. 

Do you only work with specific breeds?

Absolutely not! Total Dog! is an all-inclusive dog training service in Austin, that works with dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. Regardless of their ‘problems,’ personality, or temperament, we’ll work with them no matter what.

Do you really offer unlimited training?

We offer a Total Dog! dog training package that includes unlimited lessons until your dog reaches the goals identified at the start of the program. Following the program's completion, you'll have the opportunity to extend your dog's training to help them reach new goals.

Click here to learn more about our training packages.

How long are your dog training programs?

Our basics program lasts two weeks and our Total Dog! programs typically last 4 weeks. We’ll create a time sensitive plan that works around your schedule prior to starting training.

Do you offer private dog training in Austin?

Yes. At Total Dog!, you can choose both the type and the duration of your dog training. Whether you’re interested in Board and Train dog training in Austin, or would prefer one-on-one dog training, we have a training package that provides it.

Do you offer specialty dog training in Austin?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of specialty dog training packages designed to help dogs’ achieve specific goals and aims. Click the links below to learn more about the following Austin dog training programs:

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can train your dog to adopt almost any command, skill, or behavior that comes to mind. Give us a call to find out how we can help your dog achieve your training goals.

What makes Total Dog!’s private dog training in Austin worth it?

Our dog training programs are unique in that they’re personalized to your dog's needs. Our expert dog trainers will work with you and your dog to develop an individualized training plan for your pup, and train them privately to ensure they receive the best dog training in Austin. 

Do you provide obedience training for dogs in Austin?

Yes, we offer an advanced obedience training program that’s designed to address any behavioral issues or unwanted behaviors your dog may be displaying. Whether you want your dog to behave themselves at home or stay on their best behavior on the go, our trainers have the skills and dog training experience to make it happen.

How does Total Dog! correct bad dog behavior?

Our expert dog trainers know the best methods to correct bad behavior. Through a combination of advanced training methods and positive progressive learning techniques, we’ll help teach your dog the right way to behave, no matter where they are.

Do you offer crate training?

We offer a potty training program that’s designed to help train our client’s dogs to be potty trained in a matter of weeks. By temporarily confining your dog to specific areas of your home, we’ll help them learn to associate your house with their house, so they learn to do their business outside, and on a consistent schedule. 

How long does each dog training session last?

With our private in-house training programs, sessions typically last between 45 minutes up to several hours. We’ll fill you in on the details after you choose your dog’s specific training program and package. 

Do you offer in-home dog training in Austin?

Yes! We’re happy to offer private in-home dog training for both our basic training and specialty training packages. One of our certified professional dog trainers can come to your home at a time that’s convenient for you, and train your dog both inside your home and outside it.

Don’t mind a little detachment from your canine companion? Consider our Board & Train training packages! These packages offer a convenient alternative to group classes and private training, while giving your dog the freedom to learn on their own. Your dog will get to enjoy an all-inclusive stay at one of our dog trainer’s homes and learn healthy routines and new behaviors for up to a month per visit.

What parts of Austin, Texas do you service?

We’re happy to provide our professional dog training services all throughout Central Austin, including North, East, West, and South Austin. Whether you live in Round Rock, Bee Cave, Bastrop, or Buda–we’ll come to you!

How much does it cost to work with a Total Dog! dog trainer?

The cost of your Total Dog! training can vary depending on the goals you want to accomplish and package you choose. To determine the best training package for your dog and your budget, schedule a free consultation today! 

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