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Dog Training is an important thing that every owner should look into.  Total dog training offers obedience training in Austin, and in our area, it is especially important to have an obedient, well trained dog.  Austin dog training is important, because with all the activity going on, many people tend to neglect their dogs, and fixing this could easily be a huge benefit to the both of you.

Everywhere in Austin Texas, there are dogs.  Almost every house has a dog or two, and having such nice weather as we do, we tend to bring them around with us a lot.  Obedience training is not for dog shows.  Obedience training is a way to get your dog to respond to your orders with a clear comprehension of what you mean.  A relationship evolves throughout dog training, as seen here with little  Oliver.  Dogs love to be trained, and as an easy way to improve the communication between you and mans best friend, why not try it out?  In Austin having a trained dog is especially important. We have bustling busy streets, and close neighbors, so you don’t want your dog barking every time someone drives a car by your house, or god forbid they dash out into the middle of a street!

Here in Texas, we have an amazing plethora of dog parks, hiking trails, dog friendly restaurants, and other places where having a trustworthy and obedient dog is importantTeaching your dog simple things such as stop, stay, sit, quiet, and other many basic commands will show them how to behave in any situation, whether it involves dog socialization, or just teaching them not to sleep on your bed, Austin dog training at Total dog is a good way to go.  Not only will dog training keep your dog obedient, but even just teaching them the basics could save them from many dangerous situations in the future.