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COVID-19 Updates for Our Total Dog! Family

We hope our community is staying safe and want to extend our help and support to you at home. Here, we also answer a couple of questions most pet-owners are curious to know during this pandemic.

General By Total Dog Team April 8, 2020

Austin Dog Training

Dog Training is an important thing that every owner should look into.  Total dog training offers obedience training in Austin, and in our area, it is especially important to have an obedient, well trained dog.  Austin dog training is important, because with all the activity going on, many people tend to neglect their dogs, and fixing this could easily […]

Uncategorized By Total Dog Team January 8, 2020

Why Train Your Dog

Many people view dog obedience school as training your dog to perform in shows, and therefore see it as an unnecessary task for their own dog. Dog training is a regular for dogs at home, and has many purposes, such as pertaining to behavior, relationships, and as an extra measure of safety.

Uncategorized By Total Dog Team January 8, 2020

Teaching Your Dog Not To Chew

Puppies are known for bouncing around as little spark plugs of fun, practically exploding with their playful and adorable energy. However, there is a point at which puppies do not know the difference between right and wrong, and this rings especially true when considering the teething phase in which they love to chew things.

Uncategorized By Total Dog Team January 8, 2020

Mindset for dog training and puppy training

Throughout my over two decades of training professional and pet dogs, I have come across many diverse people with very diverse ideas on what dog training should be and ultimately can be! With the proliferation of information via the internet, a LOT of information is out there which very often muddies the waters.

Uncategorized By Total Dog Team January 8, 2020