What is A Dog Behaviorist?

When it comes to training your dog, you actually have two options: run-of-the-mill dog trainers and professional dog behaviorists.

Everyday dog trainers often advocate one-size-fits-all methods that only apply to some dogs and not others. They often know specific techniques to teach dogs specific skills, but lack the instruction needed to properly identify what a dog responds to, or create a structured program geared to their comfort level and unique learning style.

Dog behaviorists, in sharp contrast, apply a deep knowledge of animal psychology with the practical teaching skills necessary to both modify and prevent problem behavior in dogs. They also have the skills and experience to evaluate your dog’s behavior on the fly, and to adjust their training so that it conforms to them and their needs.

The Benefits of Working With A Dog Behaviorist in Austin

You do the talking

Rather than advocating a specific program or one-size-fits-all trick or technique, dog behaviorists are capable of creating a program tailor-made to teach your dog whatever you have in mind. Whether you have specific pain-points you want to address, commands you’d like them to learn, or goals you want them to achieve, we’ll reverse engineer our training around the goals you have for your dog, not what’s convenient or easy to teach.

Keep the best parts of your dog

Dog behaviorists are experts not only in behavioral modification, but also in animal psychology. This means they possess a deep understanding of what’s “normal behavior” for a specific breed and what isn’t. This can help them fine tune training so that it addresses your dog’s bad behavior while preserving the extraordinary personality, instincts, and quirks that make them who they truly are.

Develop a stronger bond

Dog behaviorists can do a lot more than teach your dog new tricks. Dog behaviorists can teach you to be a better dog owner and show you how to build a stronger relationship with your dog. From learning what behaviors to reward and what not to, to teaching you new ways to better engage and interact with your pet, behaviorists can make you a better dog owner, trainer, and enthusiast, guaranteed.

Work With A Professional Dog Behaviorist in Austin or San Antonio!

At Total Dog!, all of our dog training programs are supervised and developed by Stg Brice Cavanaugh, a certified dog behaviorist with over two-decades of dog training experience. Stg. Cavanaugh has gone above and beyond to obtain formal education in animal behavior, and has the skills and experience to effectively teach you how to understand and work with your dog. Paired with this great people skills and over thirty year background training dogs, he's one of the best dog trainers in Austin.

By assessing your dog’s personality and psychology, and identifying what they respond to and what they don’t, we can create a personalized training program that’s designed around your dog—fully unlocking their ability to learn new skills and behaviors.

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