Why Train Your Dog

Many people view our dog obedience training programs in Austin and San Antonio as "training designed to help your dog to perform in shows," and therefore see it as an unnecessary/pretentious task for their dog.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Obedience training is, in fact, not only about teaching your dog good manners, but training them to be obedient and loyal, both at home and on the go. This makes them safer to be around, as well as more fun and engaging.

Learn more about what encompasses our obedience dog training program below.

About Training

Training is not just for show dogs.  I personally have heard people object to getting their dogs professionally trained because of the ‘snooty’ aspects of it, and feel that people are uneducated when it comes to dog training.  Many types of dog training do focus on show dogs, but training a regular dog has no prejudice to it.  Dogs do not have to be purebred or have any qualifications.  Dogs don’t even have to necessarily have a problem in order to be taught!

Behavioral training

Most people who have their dogs professionally trained do so because of behavioral issues that their dogs have.  These issues can include small things such as not sitting when you want them to, or big things such as biting.  Training will benefit a dog with behavioral problems by showing them what is appropriate, and what is against your house rules.  Training a dog for behavioral problems will also benefit you by giving you a well-behaved dog and letting your dog know that you’re boss.  Many dogs with behavioral problems have issues because the alpha wasn’t established, and letting them know that you are in charge of the house is very important.

Relationship Establishment

When you get a dog you don’t want it to be Fido the dog, you want it to be your dog Fido!  Many people have issues establishing relationships with their dogs, and this mainly takes place in houses with two adults.  When two adults live in the house, dogs generally tend to stick to the one that gives them the most attention.  Having a bad relationship with your dog is no fun, so going to training to solve this is a great idea for people and their dogs who have bonding issues.


Some people who have done dog training love it and decide that no matter how exceptional the manners of any of their dogs, they are all getting trained.  These people are what we call ‘overachievers’. Nah, just kidding, but lots of people decide that training their dogs is a good overall idea so their dogs can get an idea of some basic rules and guidelines to follow.