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Polls from dog trainers, breeders and animal shelters indicate that the NUMBER 1 reason for frustration between dog owners and their furry friends is a dog that is not properly house trained!

I am sure you have seen it yourself or a friend of yours has lamented over the same thing…picking up after their dog that SHOULD know where and when to properly relieve themselves!

Punishing the dog rarely works. Relieving themselves is natural, but improper punishment does not always convey that the LOCATION is the problem, but rather the dog may think that the act itself is wrong, increasing the probability that the next time the need arises, the dog will hide from their owner to avoid letting them down, only to leave you a mess that you find later!


Inside the House Training eBook, we provide a scientific approach that is not only proven to work, but it works fast! By utilizing communication and management that the dog understands, we can get so much further, so much faster!

It is far easier to train proper habit than it is to punish wrong behavior, especially on something so basic.

Unlike SIT, DOWN, COME, etc, dogs only have to relieve themselves a few times a day, making your opportunities to create proper behavior more time sensitive. With “static” commands, we can teach 10 SITs in a minute, making it easy to see that a dog can truly learn that behavior in a day or two. But, with house training, your repetitions are far fewer, and rarely back to back!

With a systematic approach, we can get on the path to success and on to training the “fun stuff” while preserving and enhancing the relationship with your dog. With any behavior, there is a time of management that is needed until the habit takes hold (think diapers on babies, training wheels on bicycles), and we show you how to manage without deprivation.

We are also offering two bonuses that are certain to help you out!

BONUS 1 I personally created a chart that allows you to track food/water intake, proper relieve activity as well as accidents. This allows you to find patterns that may have been overlooked if you did not use the chart!

BONUS 2 Accidents will likely happen at first. How you clean up afterwards can make all the difference! Our techniques and suggestions can help immensely!

Order today and get these two bonuses as part of the House Training eBook and train your way to success and start building that awesome relationship between you and your dog! It works, we guarantee it!