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Total Dog! Dog Potty Training in Austin & San Antonio

Housebreak your dog with a potty training program designed just for them!


What is the Total Dog! Dog Potty Training Program?

Our Total Dog! Dog Potty Training package is designed to help teach your dog when and where to go to the bathroom, and when not to. By adjusting their environment, providing consistent rewards, and supervising them around the clock, we can help potty train your dog in just a matter of weeks. What’s more, we’ll work to get to know your dog and adjust our training program around their unique learning style, so that they’ll retain the new habits they’ve learned for life. It’s the absolute best way to housebreak your dog in Austin!


Advanced Instruction

Our expert trainers are the best in the business, having helped house train hundreds of dogs using only the best housebreaking methods and behavior reinforcement techniques. In fact, our potty training dog trainers in Austin are so good at what they do, our program is guaranteed to potty train your dog in a fraction of the time of similar programs.

Custom-Made for Your Dog

At Total Dog! Training Solutions, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method. We understand that every dog is different, and we’re eager to adapt our training to the needs of your dog. We’ll dynamically adjust every potty training session to meet your dog where they are, to ensure they learn at a pace that’s comfortable for them.

Using Proven, Positive Methods

At Total Dog!, we know that house training is all about consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement. That’s why we only use positive progressive techniques that encourage behavioral reinforcement, without intimidation. This will ensure your dog falls in love with learning new behaviors as much as we enjoy training them.

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Our Total Dog! Dog Potty Training in Austin Program Options


With our One-on-One training package, your dog can spend with one of our professional dog trainers—in the comfort of your own home! We’ll develop a custom training plan to progressively show your dog that your house is their house—ensuring they instinctively learn to do their business outside.

Board & Train

With Board & Train, your dog can enjoy an all-inclusive stay with our trainers for up to a one month stay. During this time, our expertly-trained dog trainers will work with your dog to teach them how to go outside (not in) using only positive praise and reinforcement.

How It Works

Step #1 - Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation so we can discuss your dog's situation and assess their needs. From there, we'll develop a custom potty training program designed around your goals for the program and your dog’s unique needs.

Step #2 - Sit Back & Relax

One of our professional dog trainers will regularly meet with your dog to teach them new “house training habits”—while tailoring your dog’s potty training to their specific learning style, pace, and attitude.

Step #3 - Discover Your Dog’s Potential

After your dog completes their training, they will remain potty trained for life. They’ll go outside when you let them out, while keeping your inside accident-free. Moreover, you’ll be able to leave your dog unsupervised at home for longer than a minute, and won’t be surprised to find they soiled your den, floors, or bed, ever again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is housebreaking a dog?

“Housebreaking” or “house training” a dog is simply another way word for “potty training.” That is, ensuring your dog goes to the bathroom when you let them outside, and not when they are left inside the home—even if they need to go.

How does housebreaking training work?

Using positive progressive techniques, we’ll start by confining your dog to a defined space, be it a crate, in a room, or with a leash, while letting them out when they need to go.

From there, we’ll use positive reinforcement (praise, treats, and other rewards) to help your dog associate the different rooms of your home with their personal space. This will help them learn that your house is their house—and that outside is the place to do their business.

As your puppy or dog learns that they need to go outside to go, we’ll gradually give them more freedom to roam about the house until they can do so without supervision or reinforcement.

How long will it take to housebreak my dog?

Housebreaking an adult dog can be accomplished in as little as a month or less, while puppies naturally take longer. It can take as much as 4-6 months for a puppy to be fully house trained, but with our proven training program, it could take just a month.

Keep in mind that your dog’s previous living conditions can also play a role in determining how long it will take—as it may take longer for them to break old habits.

Are their age restrictions for your potty training program?

No age restrictions. We have experience housebreaking dogs of all ages, and would love to help you dog whether they’re a recent pup or an old dog hound.

Are there breed restrictions?

No breed restrictions here.
Total Dog! is an all-inclusive dog trainer that specializes in private dog-training for all kinds of dogs—even so-called “dangerous or aggressive breeds.”

Is the training really unlimited?

Your dog can receive private dog training until they reach the goals identified at the start of the program. Following the program’s completion, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase additional training to help your dog reach new goals.

Where do you offer your dog potty training dog programs?

We provide our Total Dog! dog potty training in Austin and San Antonio, Texas so you should be able to have your dog potty trained if you live anywhere in the Central Texas area. Give us a call to find out if we service your area!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hire Total Dog!

If you want results, then hire Total Dog! And commit to the training.

Ellen T.

No one compares to Total Dog!

I have used four different trainers in the last couple of years, and NO ONE compares to Total Dog!

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Our dogs now listen

Our dogs now listen to each member of our family with enthusiasm.

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Life Changing!

Brice literally changed our family dynamic by helping us properly learn to communicate with Mocha. She is so much happier, as are we. Thank you Brice!

The Harpers

Simple. Effective!

Breaking it down, Barney Style, with a big purple crayon!" Brice puts things into "bite size" chunks to help us get "wins" and keep us motivated on the path to our own Total Dog!

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Now we enjoy life out and about.

My dog is no longer a source of frustration. I finally learned how dogs learn and how to communicate, and now we enjoy life out and about, no longer hiding at home!

Lisa C.

What a difference...

What a difference...these guys were able to help us make Dixie part of the family again. She went from wild crazy dog to a focused and happy family dog. Thank you!!

Alicia A.

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