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Dog Training in San Antonio

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Professional Dog Training in San Antonio, TX

Our Newest Territory

Total Dog! Training Solutions is proudly taking on San Antonio, Texas in our continued mission to provide robust training systems that benefit all types of dogs and dog owners. Our team of professional dog trainers invests time into creating custom training programs to correct whatever issues you’re experiencing with your furry one. Whether we’re addressing aggressive behavior, kennel issues, or socializing troubles, the team at Total Dog! Training Solutions has the perfect dog training programs to serve the San Antonio community.

Humane and Scientifically Proven Techniques

The premise that our team operates on is that no dog is the same. Our San Antonio dog trainers are prepared to recognize and connect with your dog’s unique traits to create training programs that yield the best results. Every dog learns differently and Total Dog! utilizes a wide range of humane dog training methods that are scientifically proven to reinforce positive behaviors in your pets. Rest assured, we will always do what it takes to improve their behavior without fearful scare tactics.

Total Dog! Training Solutions has recently claimed new territory in San Antonio and other Central Texas areas. We offer dog training programs in San Antonio, Kyle, Buda, Austin, and other areas. Check out our positive reviews on Facebook and Yelp.


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Dog Training Packages in San Antonio

Your dog will enjoy a productive and all-inclusive stay with their dedicated, expert dog trainer. Choose between a 2 or 4-week stay, depending on your pup’s training needs.

Extensive 1×1 sessions that include remote at-home and outdoor training, with real-world scenarios to ensure the best learning experience for your best friend.

A class on the move, we take dog training to the streets with sessions at different locations. These all-day “Out and About” lessons will ensure your buddy is ready for the outdoors.


Our San Antonio team is currently accepting new enrollments. Contact us for more information and choose the best dog training program for your dog.


Why Choose Us?

Why We’re the Leading Dog Trainers in San Antonio

Expertise and Dedication

At Total Dog! San Antonio, we put our team through robust training to gain the expertise necessary to execute our professional dog training programs. Our San Antonio dog trainers have years of experience and proven track records full of successful sessions, making sure to work directly with dog owners to generate the best results.

Structured Approach

We utilize a multi-step process to create well-rounded training programs built around your dog’s unique traits and needs. When we work with you and your best bud, we ensure we are taking into consideration their habits, learning styles, and overall personality to get the results we need.

True Dog Trainers

We do what we do because we love dogs. We are the best amongst other dog trainers in San Antonio because we genuinely care for our furry friends and want to help reinforce positive relationships between them and their owners. Not only do we care about them, but we also care about the training methods, guaranteeing humane training.

How It Works

Initial Consultation

Tell us about your pup, their personality, and any behaviors that need to be addressed. From here, we’ll create the perfect program for you and your dog.

Begin Training Program

Once your dog’s customized training program is ready, we’ll walk you through it and help you to practice every week. Our team will be available to help at any time.

Total Dog! Transformation

Once you’ve gone through the comprehensive training program with your dog, we’re sure you’ll notice the amazing transformation in the behavior of your best bud!

Our San Antonio Dog Trainers

After training your dog effectively and consistently, you and your pet will be able to enjoy a richer, more consistent relationship with one another.

Brice Cavanaugh

Professional Dog Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often and how long is each Private Lesson?

1×1 sessions are once a week for about 45-60 minutes, depending on what we’re working on. Weekly sessions are optimal so that you may have time to practice on your own between sessions and to avoid “information overload” with more than one session a week.

What age is best to begin training?

Right away! Your pup has different stages of learning and maturity, but they are always learning! We can start with puppies, but we can also teach an old dog new tricks! We work with all ages.

Do you work with Separation Anxiety?

Yes, we work with separation anxiety and other similar behaviors — more so recently, since such behaviors are increasingly prevalent since the onset of COVID-19.

How much does it cost?

The cost will always depend on the personalization and length of your training sessions. We are not the least expensive trainers in the area, but we are also not the most expensive. We believe in charging fairly for the quality of training that you and your dog receive. Your consultation is free and we use that time to determine the best program for your dog.

What do I need to prepare for Board & Train?

All you need to provide is your dog’s food, favorite toy, collar, and a copy of his vaccinations. We’ll take care of the rest!

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Yes, we specialize in aggression! An assessment of your dog’s aggression will be a key part of your initial consultation and overall training program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hire Total Dog!

If you want results, then hire Total Dog! And commit to the training.

Ellen T.

No one compares to Total Dog!

I have used four different trainers in the last couple of years, and NO ONE compares to Total Dog!

Mindy R.

Our dogs now listen

Our dogs now listen to each member of our family with enthusiasm.

Doug W.

Life Changing!

Brice literally changed our family dynamic by helping us properly learn to communicate with Mocha. She is so much happier, as are we. Thank you Brice!

The Harpers

Simple. Effective!

Breaking it down, Barney Style, with a big purple crayon!" Brice puts things into "bite size" chunks to help us get "wins" and keep us motivated on the path to our own Total Dog!

Chris T.

Now we enjoy life out and about.

My dog is no longer a source of frustration. I finally learned how dogs learn and how to communicate, and now we enjoy life out and about, no longer hiding at home!

Lisa C.

What a difference...

What a difference...these guys were able to help us make Dixie part of the family again. She went from wild crazy dog to a focused and happy family dog. Thank you!!

Alicia A.