The future of dog training business is taught by Total Dog!

Why not make a career out of doing what you love? Learn the latest in dog training methods with the Canine Leadership System(tm) combined with business ideas and skills as taught by one of the industry’s leading and sought after dog trainers. The ultimate is to get paid for what you love to do! If you love being with dogs, meeting new people and helping them problem solve, want to become financially independent and are a self-starter, contact our corporate office at (888)748-7829 or email us at

Total Dog! offers several options to meet the needs of those that already have a business in place, those looking to start a business, or those that are looking to simply add the latest training information to their knowledge base. Check back to see our Spring Schedule for classes.

We believe that a successful dog training business has three integral parts, and without any one of these, your business can suffer. They are great dog training, excellent people skills and a disciplined business approach.

Sequencing is important in all three of these facets, and we can show you just how much of an impact a well planned training regimen as well as a strong business plan coupled with good people skills can have.

Course Offerings

  • One Week Canine Leadership Course Level I
  • One Week Canine Leadership Course Level II
  • One Week Canine Leadership Course Level III
  • Three Week Advanced Skills (CLS Complete)
  • One Week Remote Collar Basics
  • Three Week Remote Collar Advanced
  • Three day business basics

Additional Offerings

  • Two or three day clinic
  • Mobile Training Course (We bring the courses to you)