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Dog Separation Anxiety Training in Austin & San Antonio

Train your dog to be alone worry-free with Total Dog!’s proven separation anxiety dog training program.


What is Dog Separation Anxiety Training?

Separation anxiety is common for dogs, who often feel insecure when separated from their human, and easily become agitated as a result. Dog separation anxiety training is designed to help dogs learn that temporary separation doesn’t mean permanent abandonment, as well as to show your dog that they’re completely safe when left alone. By getting to know your dog and identifying what triggers their anxiety, we’ll help them feel confident and comfortable when you leave home, so that both of you have a great experience when you return.

Stop these Anxious Behaviors

  • Excessive drooling, panting, crying, barking, or whining when separated
  • Urinating or defecating when left alone
  • Chewing on furniture or other accessible objects
  • Escaping your home (while attempting to find you)
  • Pacing the room or at the door
  • Fear of novel situations (such as meeting new people or other dogs)

Have a Pandemic Puppy?

Covid-19 forced many people to stay at home indefinitely—causing many puppies to adopt many bad habits as a result. Since many puppies spent so much of their early lives cooped up inside, many pups adopted during the pandemic have begun to show signs of stress and anxiety when left alone. Many of them also struggle to socialize with other dogs—engendering aggression—and are often fearful of other new experiences and people outside the home. If you have a dog (or puppy) that’s experiencing social anxiety as a result of the pandemic, contact us to find out how our social anxiety program can help them recover and learn the skills they need to thrive.

Program Benefits

Advanced Instruction

Total Dog! trainers are the best at what they do, and have helped thousands of dogs overcome social anxiety using the latest methods and behavioral change techniques. We’ll get to know your dog and progressively modify their bad behavior, all while preserving their extraordinary personality, instincts, and quirks, that make them who they truly are.

Custom-Made For Your Dog

There’s no one-size-fits-all training program at Total Dog! Instead, we recognize that every dog is different, and that dog training done right is training that’s uniquely tailored for your dog. We’ll dynamically adjust every training session around your dog’s comfort level—so that they learn to be left alone without feeling alarmed.

Using Proven, Effective Methods

At Total Dog!, we know that punishing dogs for bad behavior usually backfires—often creating more anxiety and distress, not less. That’s why we only use progressive behavioral modification that’s designed to help your dog learn at their own pace, using positive intimidation-free techniques.

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Training Options


With our One-on-One training package, your dog can spend time with one of our professional dog trainers—in the comfort of your own home! We’ll work with your dog to identify what’s causing their anxiety, and help them learn constructive ways to behave when left alone.

Board & Train

With Board & Train, your dog can enjoy an all-inclusive stay with our trainers for up to a one month stay. During this time, our expertly-trained dog trainers will work with your dog to show them that they’re completely safe when left alone, and teach them new ways to behave when they are.

How It Works

Step #1 - Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation so we can discuss your dog's situation and assess their needs. From there, we’ll work with you to develop a separation anxiety training program designed around your dog’s needs and what you want to achieve.

Step #2 - Sit Back & Relax

Watch and be amazed as one of our expertly trained dog trainers meets with your dog to teach them new behaviors using positive progressive techniques. We’ll meet with your dog for as long as we need to meet the goals identified at the start of the program.

Step #3 - Discover Your Dog’s Potential

After your dog completes their training, they’ll remain anxiety-free for life. You’ll be able to leave home without them yelping, barking, whining, or crying—and return home to an untroubled dog. No excessive drooling, no defecating, no destructive behavior—just a friendly welcome and a wagging tail!

Want a dog that can be left alone entirely anxiety-free?

Get one with the Total Dog! separation anxiety training program!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you train a dog with separation anxiety?

Dogs can slowly acclimate to separation by learning to associate being left alone with the feeling of comfort and calm. First, we’ll work with your dog to show them that when you leave, you’ll also come back, so they learn that separation is only temporary—that it’s safe to be left alone. From there, we’ll simply work with them to increase the amount of time they can be left alone without resorting to anxious behaviors, until they can be left alone for longer periods.

What behaviors can you stop?

The short answer is all of them.

Our trainers have helped all breeds of dogs eliminate all kinds of anxious behaviors including: excessive drooling, panting, crying, barking and whining when separated, urinating and defecating when left alone, escaping or pacing, and destructive behavior such as chewing.

Can all dogs be treated for separation anxiety?

Yes. All dogs can overcome separation anxiety with training, regardless of their specific breed, gender, or age.

If you have concerns about your dog’s ability to overcome their anxiety, contact us to find out how we can tailor our program to accommodate their needs and aid your dog in the process.

Where do you offer your dog training for separation anxiety programs?

We provide our Total Dog! separation anxiety training in Austin, Texas and San Antonio Texas, so you should be able to have your dog trained if you live in the Central Texas area.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have used four different trainers in the last couple of years, and NO ONE compares to Total Dog!

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My dog is no longer a source of frustration. I finally learned how dogs learn and how to communicate, and now we enjoy life out and about, no longer hiding at home!

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What a difference...these guys were able to help us make Dixie part of the family again. She went from wild crazy dog to a focused and happy family dog. Thank you!!

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