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Thank You Brice!

Wow! I have used four different dog trainers in the last couple of years, and NO ONE compares to Brice Cavanaugh and his team at Total Dog! Not only were the results immediately effective, but they have lasted for the last two years. If I need a “tune-up”, Brice is only a phone call away. My German Shepherd “Pepsi” has been a joy and my stress levels dropped since going all in with the Total Dog! program.

-Mindy Rucker & Pepsi

You want results, hire Total Dog!

I wanted to say something about Total Dog! and their approach. I have been to the “box stores” to learn training, but let’s face it, you get what you pay for. I got a certificate that said my dog passed, but I couldn’t get him out of the store! I shopped around and looked at the qualifications of the trainers available to us and I came across Brice Cavanaugh and Total Dog! Did you know that he used to train the dogs and use them overseas directly attached to the President? I didn’t need my dog to find bombs or anything, but needed him to listen, so I figured that if Brice’s experience and standards were good enough for the President, he could certainly help me where others had failed. Yep!

Brice has 12 Standard Commands that if your dog learns, then you are awesome. His Three Critical Commands held to the standard of the Four Variables of Proofing (can you tell that I tried to learn as much as I could, and how he tries to instill this in us?) can be life savers. You want results, hire Total Dog! and commit to the training.

-Ellen Taylor

Eight Lesson Package – Testimonial

We started off with the Eight Lesson Package to see how the training would go, and quickly upgraded to the Total Dog! training package, which is for unlimited lessons. It has been great in that we can take our time and do the training the right way, instead of trying to rush it within a set number of lessons. One of our dogs probably would have been fine with the Eight, but the other two, no way!

After the second lesson, Brice encouraged us to incorporate our family members into the training, which I would have done from the beginning, but we see now why “laying the foundation” is so important. Our dogs listen to each of the family members and with enthusiasm.

Total Dog! is flexible in their approach and Brice is not only knowledgeable in the science behind the training but clear in the instruction that he gives. Each lesson was different, but predicated on what we learned from the last, so you have to do your homework! Brice breaks the tasks down in a manner that we can understand and that is not too much for our dog. 5 Stars for Brice and the Total Dog! Team.

-Doug Wells and Family

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