The Basics vs. Total Dog! Program

What's the difference?

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Board & Train

With our Total Dog! Board & Train packages, your dog can enjoy a productive, all-inclusive stay at one of our premier dog trainers’ residential homes for up to one month per stay. We’ll pick them up from your home and drop them back off for you!

The Basics - 2 Weeks

With our 2-week Board & Train Basics training package, we’ll teach your dog basic commands and foundational skills at their own pace.

Total Dog! - 4 Weeks

With our 4-week Total Dog! Board & Train training package, we’ll teach your dog how to perform basic and advanced commands, both at home and on the go.


With our private one-on-one dog training, we’ll train your dog in the comfort of your own home, before training them in a variety of real-world scenarios.

The Basics - 6 Lessons

Our Basics private training package includes 6 lessons with a professional Total Dog! dog trainer, at your home and out and about.

Total Dog! - Unlimited

With our premier program, you can receive unlimited, private dog training until your dog reaches the objectives identified at the start of the program. Simply tell us your goals and we’ll handle the rest!

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How To Get Started

Step 1

Identify Goals for your dog

What are your training goals? At Total Dog!, we take a custom approach to all our training programs, giving you the flexibility to decide on the specific behaviors and skills you want your dog to learn as part of your program. From common commands to bundles of new behaviors, we’ll work with you to identify the goals of your dog’s training and develop a custom program to meet them.

Step 2

Decide On Method of Training

Where do you want training done? At Total Dog!, you can choose between private, at-home training, or Board & Train, which includes an all-inclusive stay at one of our premier dog trainers’ homes. Whether you prefer a private, intimate service or favor dog training in the company of other dogs’, we’ll adapt your dog’s training to their unique needs and learning style, to ensure maximum absorption and retention.

Step 3

Choose Level of Training

How much training do you need? In addition to choosing where and when training takes place, you can also choose the level of training that’s most appropriate for your goals and your dog’s specific needs. Our Basics program is designed to teach your dog basic commands and stay generally well-behaved at home. Our Total Dog! package is designed to teach your dog to follow basic and advanced off-leash commands—and to stop especially troublesome behaviors—both outside and inside the home.