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All programs work on helping the dog become more cognitive and less reactive, to develop a well mannered, balanced dog. Any way you go, we guarantee our work, and help you build a balanced relationship through clear communication!

Please contact your location to see what services they specifically offer. Weather and the format in which each trainer works may vary from location to location! But most will offer:

Private Dog Training

With Total Dog’s approach to training, we find out what “personality” YOUR dog has, and create a program specifically for the way your dog learns! Lessons are conducted at your home, and wherever you need to address training, such as the Veterinarian’s’ Office, Pet Stores, on hikes, in your car or wherever your life takes you and your dog! Private dog training lessons are guaranteed effective!

The Basics

Learn the 12 basic commands in and around your home! We also work on behavior modification as discussed in the initial evaluation.

Total Dog!

Off leash reliability is the goal here! The 12 basic commands, in the world that you live in! Visits to the Vet, pet stores, park, etc, wherever your life takes you and your dog!

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Group Dog Training

Group dog training classes offer the basics for understanding how your dog learns, how to lead them and offer socialization that can help with the overall balance of the dog! This is a cost effective route for the Do-It-Your-selfer, and can be a great stepping stone to one of our Private Courses or our All In One Program listed below.

All In One!

Want the advantages of socialization offered in Group Classes with the personalization of Private Training? Check out our All In One approach, where we offer three to four private dog training lessons, then you join one of our advanced Group Classes! We will figure your dog out, and once you are comfortable with taking the next step, we get into one of our Group Classes that bridges the gap between Private Training and the Real World! Graduates of this class are eligible to participate in our Total Dog! Out and About class!

“Total Dog! Out and About”

Now we move into the real world! This class is where we take our dog training to the streets! Each week is a different location, right in the middle of the world that we live in! Think of it as a group class on the move! Farmers Markets, outdoor events, downtown, or wherever! Proofing your dog with a group of like minded owners and trainers. Learn the skills…show off your Total Dog!

Board and Train

We can train either the The Basics skill set or the Total Dog!
skill set. Time that the dog is off to boot camp depends on your dog as
well as which program your dog is signed up for.

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Specialty Programs

Total Dog! conducts workshops for special needs, such as serious aggression, Assistance Dogs, retrieving work, personal protection and more! We invite resident experts in the fields of Diet, Veterinary Care, Protection, Detection, Therapy Dogs, Field Trial Work, Agility and more! We also have hourly rates for training outside of our packages. Contact us with any questions!