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Total Dog! Training Solutions in Nevada

Total Dog! Training Solutions is a professional team of skilled dog trainers around the country, including Las Vegas, Nevada. As dedicated dog experts in Las Vegas, our trainers make it our duty to create and execute custom training programs that fit and address your dog’s unique needs and problems. Whether your dog is barking excessively, pulling on leashes, ignoring home training, having accidents, or behaving aggressively, our experienced dog trainers can help turn things around!

Scientifically Proven Methods with a Unique Approach

Our Las Vegas dog trainers understand that every dog is different and each one has different needs. The core of our methodology relies on scientifically proven methods to empower dogs to become well-behaved with implemented structure while connecting with their unique personality traits. We utilize a wide range of humane training solutions and tools to teach your dog. We are ready and willing to do what is needed to improve your dog’s behavior and enhance your relationship with them as well.

Total Dog! Training Solutions serves dog owners in several cities in Southern Nevada, to include… Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, and more!


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Dog Training Packages in Las Vegas

Our skilled Las Vegas dog trainers will evaluate your dog and prepare a training plan that works best for you and your dog.

Our trainers can teach your dog the House Boundaries or the Total Dog! skill set. The amount of time your dog is boarded & trained depends on its needs and the program you choose.

Learn More About Board & Train

Our private training program includes an in-depth assessment of your dog’s personality and needs, resulting in a unique training regimen custom to their behavioral traits.

Learn More About Private Training

With Hybrid Training, we challenge your dog’s behavior with 2 weeks of Board & Train services as well as private, in-depth home training with one of our skilled dog trainers.
In this group class, we take your dog out into the real world to explore and implement obedience training in real-life scenarios, including interactions with other dogs.

Ready to Sign-Up Your Dog?

Our Las Vegas dog trainers have the knowledge and experience needed to address any behavioral problems you and your dog go through. We tailor our training systems to your dog’s personal traits and the special things about them, so they can participate whole-heartedly in regimens that enhance their obedience and good behavior.


Why Choose Us?

Why We are the Premier Dog Trainers in Las Vegas

Our Background

Our Las Vegas dog trainers have conducted dog training in the Las Vegas area for years, working with dogs of different breeds, temperaments, and personalities. Their proven training measures directly address the issues that dog owners experience while imparting good habits to the dogs themselves.

Our Philosophy

Our multi-step process is generated once we learn about your dogs’ personality traits, instincts, and prior experiences. We then craft training systems geared towards the ways they learn best, and we work directly with owners from the beginning to keep dogs engaged, accountable, and incentivized to do better.

Our Love of Dogs & Dog Training

Our trainers all love dogs, enjoy working with them, and take pride in improving the relationships they have with their owners. Our training systems foster discipline and structure in ways that are humane and ethical, so that our clients can replicate our training and maintain positivity within their dog-owner dynamic.

How It Works

Contact Us for Your Initial Consultation

First, we’ll get to know your dog’s personality including needs, quirks, and behavioral issues to design the custom training program and dedicated trainer they will need. It’s the most essential part of our process.

Follow Our Custom Training Plan

Your dog’s comprehensive program will serve as the structure our trainers and clients will need to work through their needs on a regular basis. Repetition and practice will be crucial to your dog’s memory function and obedience level.

Total Dog! Accomplished

Once training is complete and your dog has the practice needed to understand your needs as an owner, you and your pet can participate in a rich, consistent relationship unscathed by previous issues.

Our Las Vegas Trainers

At Total Dog!, our trainers create custom training plans and regimens that are sure to help your dog overcome their bad behaviors. Learn more about our dog trainers and the experience they bring to their work.

Justin Kitts

Owner, Total Dog! Vegas

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Melissa Kitts

Co-owner and Executive Assistant

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Tyler (Ty) Staley

Director of Operations

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Brent Olson

Board & Train Director & Professional Dog Trainer

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Matthew Gluyas

Professional Dog Trainer

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Matthew Templet

Professional Dog Trainer

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Jen Johnson

Professional Dog Trainer

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Andy Van Arb

Professional Dog Trainer

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Will Templet


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Total Dog! Training Solutions do in-home training?

Yes, our trainers do offer in-home training services.

Does our team work with younger puppies or only older dogs?

We work with dogs of all ages. Our specialists understand that learning begins very early in a dog’s life, so we are more than happy to train younger dogs as they start developing their habits.

Does Total Dog! Do training services for aggressive dogs?

Yes, we do work with dogs that display aggression towards people and other pets. We actually specialize in this type of behavior modification.

Is an initial consultation required in order to secure dog training services?

Yes, the initial consultation is essential to us understanding your dog and designing a training plan that is compatible with their learning style.

Does Total Dog! offer training services outside of Las Vegas city limits?

Yes, we offer services in Summerlin and Henderson as well.

What do I need to prepare for my dog’s Board and Train visit and where will he be staying?

We only need your dog’s food, favorite toy, collar and a copy of current vaccinations. We’ll have everything else covered. Your dog will be staying in the home of one of our trainers.

Are there any behavioral issues that Total Dog! trainers don’t work with?

No. We believe any dog can improve their behavior through proper teaching and engaging incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Worth the Money

My boyfriend and I decided to put our pup through the 28 day board and train... and let me tell you it was worth the money! We missed our mal during her program, but they did a great job updating us with pictures and videos of her progress. We got back the most amazing transformed Belgian malinois! Thank you guys so much!

Katinka R.

Would Highly Recommend

Sent my dog shadow to the 28 day board and train and it was worth every penny. They kept us updated throughout her training so we were able to watch her progression through her training. When we got her back the trainers helped show us their techniques on how we can continue her training. The trainers were friendly and made the experience fun and exciting. I would recommend any one looking for a dog trainer to come to total dog.

Kevin S.

Great Experience

I hired Total Dog after our dog, Kane, bit my boyfriend. The consultation is free and Justin explains everything thoroughly and makes notes of your goals for the dog. If you sign up that day, they will provide the training equipment for free. We had a great experience with Matt. Kane hasn't shown any signs of aggression since we finished the training.

Rachael T.

High Quality Training

We had Matt as a trainer and he was wonderful! We adopted a terrier from the shelter who we found is reactive to large dogs. After 5 lessons his reactivity is not only almost gone but he also knows all kinds of obedience skills! Anyone who wants some high quality training should reach out to Total Dog!

Miranda R.

True Professionals of Their Craft

Justin and Melissa are two of the most knowledgeable dog trainers I have ever met. We have a six year old pit mix who we have put through seven training and trick classes from a chain pet store. I learned more about my dog and how to properly train, communicate and feed her within the first ten minutes of talking with them. True professionals of their craft. I recommend them for anyone in need of a little dog training, discipline or education. Keep up the amazing work guys.

Thomas L.

Lasting Results

I’ve known Justin for just a short while. I am blown away at his knowledge and skill level at training even the most difficult dogs to work with. He and his team are able to get lasting results where others have failed. If you’re looking for the best dog trainers in Vegas then I highly recommend Total Dog! Vegas

Bryant J.

They Truly Care

Very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. Their interactions with my dog you can see that they truly care. Relaying their knowledge to me in a way I am able to understand and execute, the proper way for my dog to be an obedient boy.

Anna S.

Best Behaved Dog Ever

Justin trained our Cocker Spaniel when he was 2 months old. He is now 7 years old and still knows all of his commands. Bruce has been the best behaved dog that we have ever had. Justin is the man for the job!

Margaret H.

Exceeded Expectations

Justin and his team is great. They listen to your needs and will work with you to better your relationship with your dog with proper and balanced obedience training. My Malinois is thriving and continues to exceed my expectations with Justin’s training and guidance. Would highly recommend.

Justin K.

The Gold Standard

Justin is an innovated and progressive trainer that is able to confront some of the most challenging canine behavioral problems with empathy and confidence. A strong proponent of foundational obedience --- he is able to develop strong relationships between his clients and their canine companions. Justin Kitts... The Gold Standard in Canine Training.

El Gallo Arod

I Thought No One Could Help

Justin is amazing! I thought no one could help with my Remington, GSD. Justin came in and not only helped Remington with his issues but helped me understand them. He gave me the confidence and tools to be the pack leader! He even trained my other 2! Thanks to Justin I have 3 very well behaved doggies!!!!

Isela Y.

Night And Day

Justin has been great for us and our dog. Since starting the training our dogs behavior has been night and day. Highly recommend Total Dog Vegas for anyone who is struggling with their pets.

Landre L.

Extremely Satisfied

Justin and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They take the time to understand your wants/needs out of your dog, and recommend from there. I’m extremely satisfied with my dogs progress and can vouch for Total Dog Vegas!

Ryan Mahurin

Look No Further

Justin is a world class trainer and instructor. He can break complex concepts down and explain them in a way that is easy to understand and retain while still making the sessions fun for both human and dog. If you want quality service with lasting results look no further, your journey to a happier relationship with your dog start here!

James W.